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Seeds become forests.

Because we are designed to treat each client individually, we will honor your specific investment objectives, investment preferences and risk tolerance, while taking steps to manage tax implications and maximize long-term growth. Your unique goals are at the center of every decision.

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To accomplish this...

We research and build forward-looking portfolios emphasizing individual securities to foster cost-efficiency, diversification, and capital appreciation. Our size and independence give us agility to capitalize on opportunities, while maintaining a long-term focus. We are innovative and proactive—no “one-size-fits all” portfolio guidelines or inflexible investment policies. Our only ties are to our clients, so we can serve you in ways large firms can’t.


We are here to help.

Tamarack’s client interface is easy to use and you will have 24/7 access to view and understand your accounts. If you ever have a question, we are a phone call away.

Additionally, when appropriate, our team will offer to collaborate with other advisers, such as your CPA and estate planning counsel, to minimize tax obligations and ensure your objectives are optimized.


Relationships are earned.

We’d love to have a conversation.
Feel free to contact us.

1155 E Paris Avenue SE

Suite 300

Grand Rapids, MI 49546

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