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Better results start with stronger relationships.


At Tamarack Capital Management, we pause and listen to understand what is important to you. No two investors are alike, so we treat you as an individual and prioritize your goals and investment preferences as we strategize and collaborate together. Our team won’t pressure you to rush the process. Important decisions warrant deliberation, so we’ll encourage you to sleep on it.


“Brad and Nicole anticipate and answer my questions before I can ask them.”

- Current Tamarack Investor

We think you will enjoy how easy it is to get answers to your questions. In addition to our own proactive communication, we invite you to call, email or visit any time, and we will reply promptly. We genuinely enjoy staying in touch with everyone we serve, and regular check-ins are the norm. Communicating about your investments shouldn’t be intimidating or frustrating. Frequent conversation is vital to developing a long-term relationship built on trust.


Relationships are earned.

We’d love to have a conversation.
Feel free to contact us.

1155 E Paris Avenue SE

Suite 300

Grand Rapids, MI 49546

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